Haum Remedies: Who we are

Welcome to your Haum away from home. Haum Remedies are products that utilize the idea of combining nature’s medicine with the healing power of Aum. We are an All Plant Based company that utilizes only the best available organic and superfood ingredients, that are going to maximize the synergy of nutrition that will be flowing through your body and helping you heal on all levels.

Whether you want to cook up some of your own brownies with our vegan canna butter, or make a pizza from scratch and lather it with our medicated pesto sauce, Haum Remedies creates empowering products for you to explore your own culinary creativity. And if there are times when you don't want to...well, we've done the work for you, creating already made prepared products that we are sure will be just as good as the ones you make at home....


Through this empowerment, we create moments of independent creativity, which is healing in itself. We believe that what you put in your body is sacred and the food we eat is a reflection of our respect gift. So for us, its a reflection of our respect for you. 


Having made connections with importers over the years in the culinary industry we have access to some of the best quality organic products. And the best part is we do everything in our power to make our products the most cost effective for you.


We know that our concept is a bit odd to get used to, a company that actually focuses on using the best ingredients to create products that are good and beneficial for you which will make you want   to eat and be healthy and happy, while at the same time being affordable and long-lasting. This is YOUR Haum and our Cannabis Products are YOUR Remedies. Thank you and


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