Jon Friedman has worked for over 15 years in the culinary industry and for 7 of those years as international chef  in restaurants  on both coasts  in the U.S. and in South America. When Jon is not creating wonderful vegan products, he is raising his amazing 14 year old daughter.

Throughout his culinary career he has always had a feeling that did not sit right with him—It is that people don't really get what they pay for. After becoming vegan, Jon has been committed to what that means and has combined  his years of experience and knowledge into designing the best plant based cannabis infused products you can experience. Jon's values through the challenges of raising his daughter and the respect he has for all living things on this planet demonstrates the integrity that defines what Haum Remedies is all about. Haum Remedies was created because he found  there was a lack of options for vegans in the edible market. Forget "where do we get our protein?", "Where do we get our edibles?!"Jon has always been the kind of person that if what he wants doesn't exist, he will figure out a way to make it. Haum Remedies is about taking care of people and creating an option for you that is top quality, but with out what we believe to be connected to pain and suffering. On top of that, we center our products around ways to help heal or support your mind, body and spirit. Some people  have  serious health issues and are not able to smoke for their relief. Why would anyone who needs to ingest a cannabis products choose something that would not also help benefit their health.? We make this easy for you. This is our statement and our values. We hope you enjoy our products.  We know they will help you feel better and we appreciate all your support.

   Jon Friedman