The Haum Remedies Medicated Supper Club is the extension of Haum Remedies that brings our Haum to yours. We cater our  menu around flavors and cuisine styles you choose. We understand that many people might have different tolerances to Cannabis so we can even go to far to custom medicate our meals for your guests.                     

How it works: We meet and discuss food and budget options. We see what type of cooking/service space you have and come up with a plan for the evening. We work with all kinds of budgets so do not worry if you are limited on what you have. We can work something out. Once the menu is set, It's time to Invite, Unite, & Excite. First you Invite your friends...                             

Then you Unite under one roof for a great evening,                                                             

and then that's when the Excitement happens!     

We bring our Haum to you. The meals are designed to be Tapas style with a dessert and a soup. It's filling, but the style lends itself to a social evening. We bring out each dish, about 7-10 minutes apart. We won't go to much into detail in how we do everything...So this is where we leave you. Give us a call, and lets talk about bringing the next Medicated Supper Club to you!

Thank you