I remember telling Dennis that everything he was doing and I was seeing first hand with my own eyes, that it was all like a dream. In my mind, an amazing moment, I could feel the wave that would pass, but didn't know it yet. That wave is the domino effect that has changed the world. Cannabis is now more available than it has ever been that we can remember and with a powerful tone, that this plant is medicine in what ever way you need it. What I witnessed was people with aids and cancer, that were dying,  living life with their heart until the end. Cannabis enabled them to feel this way. 

What laid the foundation for our Haum


Jon first experienced cannabis back when he was 17 during an interesting spring break where exploration happened to be the guiding force. At the time though, his idea of this plant was no more than what it was taught. I loved how it enhanced my all of my senses and promoted laughter and humor. Still though, it’s value was no more than a spectacular enhancer of creative behavior. That was to be the definition of value for this plant until Jon surendipidiously met Dennis Peron. How they met, initially and then the following second time is nothing less than magical. This story can be read in an article covered by 1000Watts Magazine. (describe link and citation) As fate wold have it, Dennis took a liking to Jon and invited him to come and hang out with him when ever he wanted at the five story Cannabis Buyers Club in downtown San Francisco, on Market St. I owe so much to this moment in my life and I will never forget how it felt. I didn’t know what to expect. I had to pass through a series of security guards, each of which needing to verify that I was actually invited by Dennis and should be allowed come inside. After I was let in, I walked up to the third floor and met Dennis at his office, which was also now Dennis’s campaign headquarters for his 1998 republican party campaign for governor of California. Each new moment and turn brought me to witness things you only hear about in cool stories some other person is talking about. What changed everything for me was when Dennis was giving me the tour and I was able to witness first hand how valuable the cannabis plant really is and realize how much we have been lied to. I saw a plant providing relief to people who were dying of cancer and aids. I was able to see a plant help people continue to live even though they were dying. To me, that is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give and to know that a plant was able to do that humbled me and I felt eternally grateful and dedicated to always protecting the truth about this plant. Now I understood all those people you thought were crazy who were just too excited about how versatile and helpful this plant can be. I vowed to always seek the truth for myself and knew now that the governing system we are indebted to is lying to us about a plant. This was the begging of my love for this plant and began the day I began to open up to the possibility of how powerful mother nature, earth and all that is here can be for us. My friendship with Dennis Peron has been one of the most valuable friendships I have ever had in my life and i am so grateful for the synchronicity that brought us together. This friendship also gave me the opportunity to know personally some of Cannabis' modern day cowboys. like Jack Herer and Eddy Lepp. I always would laugh because there was a good few years where I had Jack Herer's personal phone number in my phone. I laugh because my personality is somewhat low key, I would never tell you I had Jack's number in my phone, or anyones number really, and I think that was part of it. Dennis could see that I too, see people for who they are. I made a promise from then on to never be silent about the truth. We all have our heroes and our totems, I am so thankful that Dennis Peron, personally was one of my heroes. To know  a man , who was also inspired by a woman, Brownie Marie. I will expand on this later but, to conclude this introduction. What happened to me, when I was in San Francisco, I cherish and cary with me wherever I go....IF you keep Reading, you will begin to see the web of history and connectivity myself and now Haum Remedies is tied to. Thank You And Welcome Haum!