Here you can learn about and see what amazing products we carry for your mind body and soul. We have a range os products that are our core foundation and we represents what we can do and what surprises you can look forward to. Not only are our products healthy and free from animal cruelty but we have taken special care to balance out the flavors just right. Our products are not too sweet and not too salty or bland. We have balanced our recipes to be just right there in the middle.

We hope you enjoy!

Healing Aum Vegan Cannabutter

Our Vegan Cannabutter is a great butter substitute for any recipe. Our Vegan Cannabutter has 2000mg of active THC. You can spread it on toast or you can use it to make  a batch of those famous brownies.  It comes in a 9 oz jar and has over 200 doses. 

Heavenly Lavender Coconut Topical Oil

There are three things in this lavender infused canna-coconut oil....

A game changer among people with skin issues, irritation and inflammation. The heavenly scent of lavender will act as a great aroma therapy as you go about your day or as you are drifting off to sleep. All of these components together create a topical you can use for many have many more  This is to be applied directly to the skin and is not for consumption. They come in 4 oz and 9 oz jars.  

Healing Aum Grapeseed Oil

This is great for using as is, or adding to your favorite soup or smoothie recipe. We use grapeseed oil because of its numerous health benefits including having an extremely high amount of vitamin e antioxidants. 

Goji Blueberry Superfood Energy Bar

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With over 12 Superfood and/or nutrient dense ingredients. this bar pack a nutritional punch that will leave you feeling alert, but relaxed. To help with the energy, we use Maca root powder which is an excellent source of over 20 amino acids including 8 essential, free form fatty acids, vitamins and minerals like calcium magnesium, potassium, copper zinc . So this plus everything else in here great basically when ever you want to eat it!

Healing Aum Calming Pesto

This Raw Vegan low dosed pesto will certainly be a great light snack. We have dosed this lower so you can enjoy it with out feeling nervous about having too much. And I mean, because it is that good! This pesto goes great on a pizza or with pasta and can even be a great spread and a dip. What's even great about this product is that since there is no dairy, it will last a lot longer in your fridge. This is one way that even though we are a plant based company, a vegan company, you don't have to be that, but you can still benefit from our products because let's face it, they're just better!